[Photo by Uncorked TV]

Our first (I believe) TV appearance happened recently with super cool & sweet creator, Jon Louis of SF Uncorked! You can take a look at our live performance on our video page, BUT you should check out the skits on their page!! They are FUNNNNY :) 

I recently received this amazing art work of Diana Sudyka (Andrew Bird, Iron & Wine, etc.) from Gabriel. As you know, this is the cover art of our last release (7" vinyl) with Debbie Neigher.

It is beautifully framed (custom-frame, of course) and came to me. Totally unexpected. It is like a forgotten extra Birthday/Christmas gift!

Last Wednesday (3/26/2014), we played a great show at Milk Bar in SF. Really Great. Great SF bands (Debbie Neigher, Foxtails Brigade) and Great audience. We have not felt that much excitement for a long time.

There are many frequencies available in the world. Currently, most American musicians use the standard pitch (A=440Hz) for the tuning, but that does not apply to everyone in the world especially other than Rock/Commercial music, I believe.

Many classical orchestras tune higher like 442Hz to 445Hz, and guys like John Lennon & Paul McCartney have tuned their instruments to C5=528Hz (A=444Hz) in some of their songs (Paul started recording songs in 444Hz/528Hz after 1999).  

Practice…. to me, used to be a "duty" instead of a fun thing. Being a music student, I had to be a perfectionist who supposed to practice 5+ hours per day, supposed to think/talk about music all time, listen to them as much and many types/genre as possible, and so on. Honestly, I was not sure whether or not I "like" music for a long time.

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